Whats a drone? How did they begin?

The name “drones” itself, which recently attracts with its novelty, is already becoming commonplace and familiar. What devices are hidden under this short and not very harmonious term? What are their design features and purpose?

What is a drone?
The word drone has several completely different meanings. But the closest explanation to the topic of our narration is as follows: a drone is the obsolete name of the raven adopted in central Russia, and in English it means buzzing, buzzing. i.e. the union of these two meanings suggests that the drone is a “buzzing bird”.

Security and Management
Anyone shooting with an unmanned aerial vehicle for their own purposes should avoid flying within a 150-meter radius of a crowded area and 50 meters from a person, boat, vehicle, or structure that is out of control. of the pilot. You will also need to fly an airplane inside sight. This means that you can not climb over 400 meters to a height or more than 500 meters horizontally.

Use of UAVs in other areas of life
More than 300 companies and government agencies are licensed to fly. Experts predict that the small planes will “fill the sky” soon. Civil applications are made daily. Wait, can my neighbor stay with me? However, this does not give anyone the right to take the law into their own hands.

It is now clear why unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or UAVs) called drones – precisely because of the characteristic buzz made by them in flight.

Simple remote control design and UAV control
Looking at illustrations and videos online, many of our readers probably wanted to assemble a drone with their own hands.

Racing quadcopters and toy
Drones flying around your bedroom can be purchased for less than £. For example, terrorists can use new technology to deploy attacks at a distance. “I will not spread and democratize the ability to wage war for all,” he said. Schmidt.

A more dangerous threat is the risk of collision. Security officials are investigating. It is not surprising that the default image will be the image of “Reaper” in the media, this is probably the most recognizable buzz in action. But as the details of the incident unfolded, this simplification turned out to be incredibly wrong. Even people who get paid to write about them! So here is the “primer on what is and is not”, the difference between the usual types of drones and many other things you need to know to speak well of these things.

To create a simple but complete drone, you will need certain technical knowledge. After all, it is not enough to install motorized propellers and a battery in the frame to power them. By the way the power source must have a minimum weight and maximum capacity. If your plans include installing a video camera, you should take care of the Bluetooth module in order to transfer photos, videos and audio files from the aircraft to the pilot monitor. Since these planes are ethereal, then they are remotely controlled via wireless. In the simplest case, a special remote control is used for this purpose. It indicates the purpose of all buttons and switches. The radio signals generated in accordance with the position of the control knobs are received at the receiver of the aircraft. Enough 15-20 minutes of acquaintance, a little training and “pilot” will learn to fly.

We must first build a drone
Where did the term “hum” come from? When unmanned aerial vehicles were first introduced by the U.S. military, the ability to control them remotely was not very difficult, so the first drones flew along predetermined paths after working out an internal navigation system. This led to the fact that the military unofficially referred to Any machine that flew without human control, a “hum”, and in Germany there are still people like this today in the ministry. However, the “non-human controlled” part of the definition has been lost since everyday use.

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