Cabbage Dish

Cabbage isn’t just for coleslaw. It’s the cool versatile comeback veg—equally as great for low-cal tortilla-less burritos(!!) as it is on its own. How do you cook it? There’s no right way. You can:

  1. Blanch it: This is the first step when you want to use the cabbage as a low-carb wrap. Boiling it very quickly cooks it just enough so that the cabbage is just pliable.
  2. Boil it: Think corned beef and cabbage or cabbage soup. In this cooking method, you’ll use the crunch almost completely.
  3. Roast it: This one is our go-to. Baking the cabbage at a high heat (425°) caramelizes the outsides of the cabbage. If you’re feeling fancy, wrap cabbage wedges in bacon for a rockstar side.
  4. Sauté it: Quick and easy, this is one of the fastest ways to cook cabbage. Pro tip: Cook the cabbage in bacon fat!

Follow our cabbage commandments below, and the unassuming green ball will be in your weekly rotation soon enough.

  1. Buy it colorful: There are four major varieties: Napa, savoy, green, and red, all of which are economical and nutritious (yay fiber!). When shopping, go for the brightest or richest in color, and pick one that feels heavy for its size. The leaves should also feel like they’re packed tight!
  2. Clean it up: First, you’ll want to discard the tough outer leaves (similar to how you clean up brussels sprouts). Then rinse the inside leaves.
  3. Get rid of that core: It’s super tough and annoying AF to eat. It’s also hard to just cut out from the whole head. Instead, cut the cabbage into quarters, then carve out thick end piece of each with a chef’s knife.

From there you’re ready to blanch (to make Mongolian Meatball Cabbage Cups), boil, sauté (for Egg Roll Bowls), or roast.

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